Success Stories

Our Perfect Story

Our story began much like most people who are reading this and ends the way most people reading this are wishing for.

Chris and I had been married for 5 years when we finally realized that we needed some medical help in trying to start a family. After more IVF cycles than we care to talk about, more tears shed than we thought possible until after 3 long years, we decided to stop. After all of that, I began my research on adoption. So much information, so much to take on, where to start.

Our journey began after we contacted our social worker Caren Peet. Incredible woman who set us up on the path. Then we were lucky enough to meet Laura and her husband Scott. Actually, Laura and Chris went to high school together. He saw her name on the register at the police department as we were getting finger printed for our certification, and called her. She was our biggest cheerleader. We then enlisted the help of Geri Scher. She helped us place our ads, spoke to the birth mothers and gave us our support.

The ads went out like gangbusters. And the phone started ringing. With scammers. So many times we got calls that sounded perfect, and they ended up being manipulators. Finally, after more tears, more pain, more highs and lows, we got a call from a young woman that was ready to deliver within the month. We drove to her, we met her, we bonded with her. The day came and my husband and I were in there with her. She delivered the most beautiful baby girl. Our daughter. She was perfect. The next day, while I was feeding her, the birthmother and her sister came in and said that she changed her mind. They took her out of my arms and walked away. Easily the darkest day of my life. I reached a point of grief that I never thought I would recover from. But I did.

10 months later, I got a call from a woman that had been talking to a birthmother in Indiana. The adoptive family situation had changed and they were going to pass. They asked if Chris and I were interested. Without skipping a beat, we said yes. She was due in 3 weeks.

She had a scheduled c-section set up for the Tuesday. That Saturday morning, she called me in labor. I was on the telephone with her the entire time. After she delivered, my husband and I drove 18 hours to Indiana. The longest 18 hours in the history of time. We got there, and the nurses handed us the most precious angel baby. Our son. Our perfect, son.

Looking in to his face, all the sadness went away and our life began.

And through all of this, the one constant was Laura and Scott. Cheerleaders, confidantes, shoulder to cry on, sharers of joy. We all learned that the road is a bumpy one…but the destination is worth it.


A Little Angel Story

Hi, we are Lorraine and Frank. We were lucky enough to have joined Mommy’s Angels Adoption Group from the beginning.

We were so blessed to adopt through Domestic Independent adoption our daughter Gracie. We currently have an open adoption with our daughter’s birth family and it has been so wonderful having them in our lives.

Looking back through all the hard times and good times that go along with an adoption journey, we realize now that every step (whether good or bad) brought us to our little Angel and we wouldn’t change it for the world. It is very hard to tell yourself that while you are traveling on your journey but the one saying that I kept living by during our process was “It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when”.

I have seen Mommy’s Angels develop into such a wonderful group of people that support each other, dry each other’s tears and hug and celebrate when we get a new little addition to our group. I think being around others during your journey, whether you are at the beginning or right in the middle is so incredibly important.

Adoption, to us, is one of the most special wonderful miracles that any person can experience because so many lives are touched by it.