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....and, the package has been sent!

...kept checking FedEx all day today because Laura from Indiana said that she was going to send our paperwork back today. At 4:42, as promised, the packet was scanned in South Bend, Indiana! She also emailed me today with several pics of her, the birthfather and her 9 year old daughter. So far, she has done everything that she said she would do, when she said she would do it. I know I shouldn't get excited until the packet comes and then in September when we actually have the baby, but I can't help it. I just have a good feeling about this..I just feel like this is our baby. Laura from Indiana and her daughter have given the baby what she calls a "temporary name" so she doesn't have to call the baby "the baby" or "it." The temporary name is "Kaya." We really can't wait to meet our "Kaya!" 

    Posted by Laura and Scott: 01-10-2013 10:01am
Really?! Got a doozy of a call today! "Vanessa" who later said she was "Vanessa Williams" called. She really wanted to have a baby but couldn't on her own. She lost her daughter 2 years ago who drowned in a lake. She was looking for a couple to give her $6,000 to pay for a fertiity doctor to implant her with two embryos..hers and ours and she could carry both at the same time. She said her doctor would only implant two at a time and she couldn't handle two babies and wanted to just have one for someone. I explained that we had done the fertility route and I knew that if she only wanted one implanted, the doctor would honor that. Shew kept saying that all we would have to do is send her $6000 for the procedure. It would "be simple" she stated! So let me get this straight. You would carry two babies, one yours and one ours? "Yes!" she exclaimed! Then I told her that we really wanted to talk to someone that was already pregnant and unable to parent. Besides, my eggs aren't any good to use anyway. She then said "well I don't mind just giving you one of mine if you just give me the $6000." Is there something out there that says "adoptive couples are brainless and will just send anyone money?? Oh brother.....     Posted by Laura and Scott: 06-09-2010 10:06pm
Labor Day Weekend?! After texting Laura from Indiana on Thursday we certainly hoped she would contact us again. It is so hard not to be pushy and insistent when you really want something. All of you know that I am a very "in control" kind of person and "instant gratification" is my middle! I didn't re-contact Laura...just waited patiently...which killed me of course! She sent me a text while I was in King Kullen shopping for a small girl's night get together at my house that night. She wanted to know if the two of us were available to talk that night or the next morning. Caving to my instant gratification offered us up for that night even though I had friends coming over. How wonderful to be around my friends and family when her call came in 10 minutes earlier that she said! Laura is 36 years old with a 9 year old girl. Her family, including her 9 year old are very supportive and involved in her adoption journey. Her 9 year old told her not to be nervous because we were probably nervous too! She is willing to talk to our attorney and fill out documents. Laura said she felt settled now that she has a clearer plan for her baby since it is only three months away. I don't know why this one feels different than the others. This one makes me teary...I actually think this may be our baby. Some minor glitches to overcome with her health insurance, but all seems a-o-k! Oh...and I feel like there are no beloved bird of 17 years passed away yesterday...his name was Alex. Our last birthmother that disappeared was Alex. This new birthmom Laura said that the birthfather's name is Alex! Two Alex's left us this week, but one found us! I know...I always think silly things!     Posted by Laura and Scott: 06-05-2010 04:06am
Laura from Indiana Saw a call on my adoption line that didn't ring through to my phone. I sent a text tonight and got a response from Laura. Her sister saw our ad and wasn't sure if it was a scam or a real ad. We chatted for quite a while and her and her sister sat side by side on their laptops checking out our website. They both thought we were adorable and that her baby would actually look like us. She already filled out applications with two adoption agencies but didn't turn them in because something didn't feel right to her. Then she found the ad with my name and thought maybe this was why she couldn't turn in the applications to the agencies. She sounded nervous and confused, but our chat was very good. She is due Labor Day weekend...the earliest of anyone we have been talking to. I needed this call today...was having a down kind of adoption day....feeling like this is just never going to happen. My attorney gave me a little "pep talk" by email about how diligent and active we are with the process and that it WILL happen....fingers crossed.     Posted by Laura and Scott: 06-03-2010 03:06pm
Kansas Received a call from a young girl in Kansas, just outside Topeka. She hung up before I had a chance to answer. I called her back and she said that she must have dialed the wrong number and was very nervous. Topeka is significant to me. I know this sounds very strange, but anytime I am having a bad day I always say, "I'm moving to Topeka!" I don't know why years ago I decided to choose Topeka as my getaway instead of the! When we started this journey I was convinced that our baby would be from Topeka...maybe she will call back!     Posted by Laura and Scott: 06-02-2010 03:06am
Haley from Indiana Last Sunday, we received a phone call from the Indiana area. The caller didn't stay on the phone long enough for it to ring on my phone, but it did register on my toll free line homepage. Since the caller was calling from a cell phone (our site tells us), I sent a little "hello" in a text message and got a response right away from Haley. She said she was considering adoption but wasn't really sure. I gave her our website page and just let her think about it for a while. Today she contacted us! She saw our website and wants to talk to us. She is 20 years old and has a 4 year old. She doesn't think she can raise another baby right now. Her first appointment with her doctor is on May 27th and she will find out how far along she is. This comes after a terrible day with Mary from Florida who appears to be stringing us along and not providing proof of pregnancy, combined with poor Octavier having a miscarriage this week. Thanks Haley...we needed your contact today!     Posted by Laura and Scott: 05-25-2010 10:05pm